QRcdr - QR Code Generator

 QRcdr an application developed in the php programming language allows to quickly generate QR codes, the application allows you to customize the logo, color, size, quality, display style of the QR code. Also can create QR code for: link, text, email, sms, v-card ... The application is compatible with PHP 5.6 - PHP 7.X and works well on the popular browsers today: IE8, IE9 , IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge.

How to install

- Download source code, extract file and upload to hosting

- Open web browser to the url where you uploaded the files

- Now you are ready to use QRcdr with its default settings

Config Options

Default settings are adjustable inside the file config.php


If you want to change or hide default watermarks, simply replace or remove the images inside images/watermarks/

.jpg, .gif, .png file are accepted


Google Map needs an API KEY, so if you enable the tab Location you must get one api key here:


and copy it inside the file config.php

If you want to change the default location shown by Google map, open js/all.js, around line 39.

var start = new google.maps.LatLng(40.7127837, -74.00594130000002);


The attribute 'color_primary' inside the file config.php will set the main color for all the buttons and on the header background.

Edit their contents or remove them if you don't need that

Manage translations

If you want to add your custom language, duplicate and rename the file lang/en.php using the 2-letters ISO code desired and update also the value 'lang' => 'en' inside your main config file config.php

Language menu is displayed with the following function:

<?php echo langMenu(); ?>

you can choose if display it as dropdown menu (default) or as simple list, and set a custom class:

<?php echo langMenu('list', 'customclass'); ?>

The first variable can be 'menu' or 'list', the second is an optional custom class assigned to language menu (default: 'langmenu')

All translatable terms, including page title, description, and meta-keywords are inside the respective .php file in /translations/ folder.

default: /translations/en.php

Password protected: 4113408600877992541