Create online sharing and discussion forum with Flarum

There are many sources to help you build a forum like Xenforo, vBulletin .. however you can use another source code instead which is Flarum.

Flarum is an open source (free) built in PHP language combined with Mithril.js to meet Fast & Lightweight features, the interface is designed in a elegant UI style so it's very nice, friendly and Optimized for touch devices, extremely fast loading speed with gzipped technology. In addition, Flarum is also built with scalable criteria (install extensions directly in the admin page) and multi-language support. The admin page interface is very simple, easy to manage and use.

Installation is also very easy through Composer and PHP version 5.6 and above.

Demo some picture Flarum:

Giao diện trang chủ

Giao diện trang quản trị
Theme smart phone

Add on in Flarum

* Demo online : Demo Flarum
* Download: Download Flarum