Bagisto: An Open Source eCommerce Built on Laravel

 Bagisto is an open-source eCommerce platform that is built on top of the Laravel framework and Vue.js a progressive Javascript framework. It is designed to help developers and businesses to create and manage their online stores with ease. With its robust and flexible features, Bagisto makes it easy for developers to build custom eCommerce websites tailored to their business needs. Bagisto is built using Laravel's MVC architecture, which makes it easy to customize and extend. The platform is also modular, allowing developers to add or remove features depending on their requirements.

Bagisto Features

- Multi vendor marketplace;

- Multi store inventory;

- Product management, order management, customer management, sale managementand, taxes management, payment gateways integration;

- Supports multiple languages and currencies;

- Promotion & siscount coupon;

- Built-in access control layer;

- Search by images, url seo friendly, responsive layout;


- OS - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Higher / Windows 7 or Higher (WAMP / XAMPP).

- SERVER - Apache 2 or NGINX.

- RAM - 3 GB or Higher.

- PHP - 7.2 or Higher.

- Processor - Clock Cycle 1Ghz or Higher.

- Mysql - 5.7.23 or Higher.

- For MariaDB users - 10.2.7 or Higher.

- Node - 8.11.3 LTS or Higher.

- Composer - 1.6.5 or Higher.


Bagisto is a truly open-source E-Commerce framework that will always be free under the MIT License.




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