How To Install SLiMS Library Management System

SLiMS software is developed using PHP programming language and MySQL database, so it is easy to install and does not require high server requirements. The software can be installed on a web server (hosting or localhost) with minimum requirements on your machine: Apache web server version 2.4; MySQL version 5.7 and/or MariaDB version 10.3; PHP version 7.4; PHP GD enabled; PHP gettext enabled; PHP mbstring; phpMyAdmin and/or Adminer (optional).

Now, we will install SLiMS step by step as follows:

Step 01: Go to the website to download the latest version of the source code, and select the "Source code (zip)" folder.

Step 02: Unzip the source code and upload it to the web server directory.

Step 03: Open the browser you are using and enter the address The software will ask you to provide some information to install the application.

+ Select "Get Started."

+ Check the web server configuration to meet the basic requirements for installation. Click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

+ Select "Install SLiMS" to proceed to the next step.

+ Enter the database connection information and click "Test Connection" for the software to automatically check if there is a connection to the database. If you see the message "Connection OK. Next," you can click on it to proceed to the next installation step. If there is an error message, you need to check the database connection information.

+ Next, you need to create an account for the administrator and install the sample data. After entering the data, click "Run the installation" to install.

+ If you receive the message "New SLiMS successfully installed," the SLiMS software has been installed successfully.

Step 04: Delete the install directory to secure the system.

* Now, you can access the home page at the URL, or access the admin page at the URL

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