Advanced Module Package For Opencart

 This is an advanced module pack that helps you customize shop homepage interface quickly and beautifully. This is an all-in-one solution, it contains all the necessary modules and is developed from the opencart system module.

Main features:

  • All modules are easily configurable from admin interface and includes 08 modules to help you customize shop homepage easily and quickly:

         + Banner module: create and showcase banner image, link to promote products or special offers;

        + Banner Support module: display banner information such as support, service, quality, delivery..;

        + Brand module: display carousel logo manufacturer automatically get information manufacturers from Catalog->Manufacturer;

        + Featured module: display featured products carousel;

        + Latest module:  display latest products carousel;

        + Specials module: display specials products carousel;

        + Product By Category module: display product carousel by category;

        + Slideshow module: display slider banner and banner promotion with link.

  • Support responsive layout, mobile-friendly,fast loading;
  • Easy installation and no changes any in core Opencart file system;
  • And more..

* Installation Steps

  • 1. Extract the archive you downloaded, affter upload the 2 folders found inside (admin, catalog) to your Opencart root installation.
  • 2. Access your Opencart Admin and go to "Extensions" -> "Installer", upload file "module_lib_aio.ocmod", please wait until Install Progress success;
  • 3. Next, click the menu item "Extensions" -> "Modifications", select modification name "Lib Module Advanced" and click on the button "Refresh";
  • 4. Next, click the menu item "Extensions" -> "Extensions" - > Choose "Modules",  install and configure some module: Lib Banner; Lib Banner Support; Lib Brand Carousel; Lib Featured; Lib Latest; Lib Product By Category; Lib Slideshow; Lib Specials;. Make sure to click the save Icon and module status must enabled;
  • 5. Last, Click the menu item "Design" -> "Layout " - > Choose Home layout and add module to the position you want display. Make sure to click the save Icon;

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