iPages Flipbook PDF Viewer – jQuery Plugin

iPages Flipbook is a jQuery plugin that helps you create book effects for ebook files like traditional reading, which can be integrated onto websites allowing users to read ebook documents.

* Features of plugin

  • 3 Render Book Modes – two & one page flip, swipe
  • 3 Data Sources – images, PDF or HTML or mix each other
  • Thumbnails – the side panel with page miniatures
  • Outline – bookmarks and external links
  • Keyboard Navigation – arrows can be used for the book navigation
  • Multilevel Zoom – zoom books pages to make better look
  • Share – share a link with friends
  • Fullscreen – you can toggle from the normal state to fullscreen and back
  • PDF download – download source PDF file
  • JSON config – load parameters from an external file
  • Powerful API – over 40 options
  • Customization – create you own theme instead default
  • Help via Email
  • *Demo : http://avirtum.com/ipages-jquery-plugin/
  • * Download : 
  • https://www.mediafire.com/file/7qtk4qt4la4lmsw/ipages-jquery-flipbook-pdf-viewer.zip/file
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