Lynx CMR - Customer Relationship Management System

Lynx CMR - is a customer relationship management system (Customer Relationship Management) developed on NukeViet CMS platform, released for free under GNU license (English: GNU General Public License, abbreviated GNU GPL or just GPL).

Feature of Lynx CMR:

* Human resource management, departments, revenues and expenditures, and services.

* Customer management

* Project management.

* Bill management.

* Email management

* Work report.

* How to install

- Download source code and extract it

- Upload source code to web server (eg Lynx).

- Access phpmyadmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin) create a new database (eg lynx).

- Open your web browser and type url: http: // localhost / lynx /, to start the installation

Including 08 steps, you need to provide required information step by step for the system to install data:

* 01 Language selection

* 02 Check the CHMOD job

* 03 Copyright

* 04 Check the server

* 05 Configure database

* 06 Website information

* 07 Sample data

* 08 Finished

- After successful installation, you can access admin panel http: //localhost/lynx /admin /

- Visit site home http://localhost/lynx/ to use the function of Lynx CMR