MyQRCode - application to generate QR Code

MyQRCode - Qr-code generating application developed with PHP programming language, helping to generate Qr-code with outstanding features such as: creating Qr-code, creating Qr-code with your own logo, Download generated code as a high-quality image. The application is compatible in all browsers and requires a PHP 7.0 or higher server.

* How to install 

- Download source code and unzip

- Upload to the root directory of the hosting (eg htdocs folder for xamp) / (www folder for wamp))

- Open the file config.php (located in the application / config / directory) change the path $ config ['base_url'] = "" to match your directory;

- In the browser, enter the address to access the application (http: //localhost/myqrcode/) to use.

- Extract password file : blogitcode