File Sharing And Cloud Storage With Laravel

This source code will help you create a website that allows users to upload and share data (similar to Google Drive). The code is built on the Laravel Framework with the following features:

  • Members can upload and share data, download data, delete data, and create storage folders according to their needs.
  • Administrators can manage and track all activities of members, assign permissions to each member, send emails, configure upload information (file types, size), and edit the website interface directly without touching the code.
  • There are many other features for you to discover.

How to install script on localhost:

  • Webserver requirements:  PHP >= 5.6, PDO Extension,php_fileinfo Extension,MySQL, Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server.
  • Download and install a local web server such as AMPPS/XAMPP/WAMP to run our PHP scripts;
  • Download and extract the script and copy it to the web server directory;
  • Open a web browser, type address: http://localhost/project_name/ to start the installation process. The installation process will include 04 steps: 

  1. Check if the extensions on the webserver are compatible or not.
  2. Config database connection
  3. Config login information for the admin control panel.
  4. Installation process completed.

  • After successful installation, the code will automatically delete the install_files directory. However, if it has not been deleted, you must manually delete the install_files directory located in the public folder.
  • Access Site URL: http://localhost/project_name/
  • Access Admin panel URL: http://localhost/project_name/admin

Note: The script is for reference only, if you use it, you must purchase the license.

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