Source Code File Sharing And Cloud Storage

 This source code will help you create a website that allows users to upload and share data (almost like Google Drive). The code is built by Laravel Framework with the following features:

- Members can upload and share data, download data, delete data, create storage folders as needed.

- Admin can manage, statistic all member activities, assign permissions to each member, send email, configure upload information (file types, size), edit theme site.

How to install (install on localhost):

- Webserver requirements: PHP> = 5.6, PDO Extension, php_fileinfo Extension, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server.

- After downloading the source code, extract and upload the source code to the www directory of webserver localhost.

- Access MYSQL http: //localhost/phpmyadmin/ to create a new database.

- Open your web browser and type url: http://localhost/bedrive/ to start the installation process. (Bedrive: change to the directory name containing the source code you created), the installation will include 04 step:

+ Check the extensions on the web server.

+ Config database connection information.

 + Config login admin page information.

+ Complete the installation.

After a successful installation, by default the code will automatically delete the install_files directory, but if not, you must manually delete the install_files directory (located in the public directory).

Now you can access the site at: http://localhost/bedrive /, or visit the admin page at http: // localhost / bedrive /admin.

Demo Download