How to automate batch photo resizing with Light Image Resizer

You have a lot of images and want to resize them uniformly. If you do it manually, it's really difficult, time-consuming, and requires a lot of effort. Therefore, BlogITCode would like to introduce you to Light Image Resizer software - which supports batch resizing of images quickly and easily.

Light Image Resizer is a tool that allows you to easily resize, compress, and convert images. The software supports all popular image formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, PSD, PSX, TGA... and is compact in size.

Feature of Light Image Resizer:

  • Batch resize images by adding individual images or selecting a folder containing images.

  • Customize options according to your needs: adjust image size, add watermarks, captions to images, image format, adjust color, create frames, borders, decrease or increase image quality, compress images... and save these settings for future use.

  • Lightweight and easy to install on Windows operating systems.
  • Note: Before making any changes to your images, in the options section, you should choose a suitable action to avoid losing your original images.

* Download free:

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