Invoice Manager PHP Script

 Invoice Manager PHP Script is a simple and powerful online manage invoices, manage your own products, manage your own clients automatic reminders to clients for payments, overdue invoices, automatic cronjobs...and more. 

* How to install:

- Web server requirements:  PHP> = 7.x,MYSQL 5.x;

- Download source code, extract file and upload to hosting;

- Create a new database in MYSQL.

- Open web browser and type url http://yourdomain/install.php to start the installation process. Set database server, database user database password, database name, url, title

- After installation successfull, remove the install.php.

* Preview Login Details:


- Username:

- Password admin


- Username:

- Password memo123


- Username:

- Password stacey

Store Keeper:

- Username:

- Password steve123


- Username:

- Password whiskey

Demo Download