Codeigniter Bootstrap Admin Panel With User Management

AdminLTE Admin Panel for starting a new project with Codeigniter Framework. Speed up web development by using ready modules, make changes quickly and easily using control panel 
convert your existing admin panel to this new panel Source code available for further modifications. Source code develop by
Main Features:
- Create/Edit/Delete User Groups
- Create/Edit/Delete Users as admin, manager, staff
- Create/Edit/Delete Multipal Offices or Branchs
- Manage User Profile
-  Change Password
- Encrypt and Decrypt Support
- Built with CodeIgniter Latest Version
- Easy to Integrate
- Easy customization
- AdminLTE And Material-Dashboard

How to install:

- Download source code, extract file and upload to hosting;
- Create a new database in MYSQL and  import database.sql file;
- Set hostname, username and password in application/config/database.php
- Finish

System Administrator Account :
email :
password : 1234

Demo Download
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