Codeigniter 4 Crud Generator With Source Code

 ADEL CCG is a user friendly open source web application with Codeigniter 4, that allows users to create AdminLTE4-Bootstrap 5 dashboards with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations in PHP. This application is capable of managing data from any MySQL database, regardless of the complexity or size of the data. It comes equipped with a robust API, Controller, Model, and View generator that can accelerate the development of your CMS (Content Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), or other back-office systems.


  • Integrated with AdminLTE4, Bootstrap 5
  • Support RTL, Dark mode;
  • Support multi language;
  • Auto selected input type 'Date' if table field is date, time, timestamp, year;
  • Auto insert Default Crud-name & Crud-Title after 'Select Table';
  • And more...

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