How to Customize Your SLiMS Theme Site

The software SLiMS provides you with four OPAC homepage theme options: Default, Akasia, Akasia-dz, and Lightweight. However, if you want to customize the theme to your personal preferences without affecting the theme provided by SLiMS, you can do the following:

- First, you must back up all the data before proceeding (source code and database).

- Copy the Default theme and rename it (for example is mytheme) (the path is \slims\template).

- Log in to the administrator page, select the "System" menu, and choose the "Theme" function. Activate the theme you copied from the Default theme (for example is mytheme).

- Now you can custom the OPAC homepage theme on the new theme you created without affecting the Default theme of SLiMS.

- This is also a way for you to create a new theme for SLiMS from the default theme.

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