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PHP Script to create a website that provides online games (game developed using HTML5) with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Users can search and play online games on various devices. Additionally, the admin page allows administrators to edit and manage the provided games, manage user accounts, and set up advertising banners. The application enables administrators to quickly upload games to the system via options to import game files directly or import games from other provided websites via URL.

*How to install script on localhost:

  • Download and install a local web server such as AMPPS/XAMPP/WAMP to run our PHP scripts.
  • Download the source code, unzip it, and copy it to the web server directory;
  • Open a web browser and access PHPMyAdmin, create a new database;
  • Open a web browser and type http:/localhost/cloudarcade (cloudarcade: change to the directory name that contains your source code) to installation;
  • After the installation process is complete, open the sub-folder.php file (cloudarcade\includes\sub-folder.php) and configuration information: 

define("SUB_FOLDER", "cloudarcade/"); //change 'cloudarcade' to the directory name that contains your source code."

* Tips: this is a demo version, by default, you need to enter a license key to access all features. However, you can follow these steps to experience the full functionality before purchasing a license.

- Open file dashboard.php (admin/dashboard.php directory ) edit code




- Open file addgame.php (cloudarcade/admin/core/addgame.php directory ) edit code:

if(!check_purchase_code() && !ADMIN_DEMO)


if(check_purchase_code() && ADMIN_DEMO)

- Done

Note: The script is for reference only, if you use it, you must purchase the license.

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