Training & Learning Management System PHP Script

 Do you organize training programs online or at physical locations? If yes, then TrainEasy LMS  is the perfect software for running and managing your entire training program! TrainEasy is a cloud-based platform that provides a comprehensive set of features for training management. With TrainEasy, you can:

  • Create and manage online and offline training courses
  • Track student progress and performance
  • Manage enrollment and attendance
  • Deliver assessments and quizzes
  • Generate reports and analytics
  • And much more!

TrainEasy is easy to use and scalable, making it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.  Beside TrainEasy LMS offers a free Android mobile app that allows anyone to connect to and consume e-learning from a TrainEasy installation. Your students can simply download the app and perform a one-time setup step that involves entering the domain name of your TrainEasy installation. Once they have completed the setup step, they can immediately start consuming your courses, just as they would on the white labeled version of the app.

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