Full Source Code Point of Sales in PHP & MySQL


A Point of Sale (POS) system developed using PHP and MySQL is a robust and efficient solution for businesses to manage their sales transactions. This web-based application seamlessly integrates PHP, a server-side scripting language, with MySQL, a powerful relational database management system. In this Point of Sale in PHP & MySQL the admin has the ability to view sales reports, transactions and total revenue. In adding the products, the user is the one who will provide the product code, price, name, cost, supplier and quantity

* How to install script on localhost:

  • Download and install a local web server such as AMPPS/XAMPP/WAMP to run our PHP scripts;
  • Extract source code you downloaded, then copy to the web server directory;
  • Access phpMyAdmin to create a new database, then import file pos.sql database;
  • Open file connect_db.php (in /db/connect_db.php )to configuration database connection;
  • Application URL: http://localhost/project_name/
  • Default login account: janobe / admin

Code Point of Sales is developed for educational purposes only for students who want to learn programming, especially PHP.

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