Electro - Electronics Store Full Source Code

 An Electronics Store is a high-quality source code that aids in constructing a robust and efficient e-commerce website. Developed based on OpenCart with a flexible and scalable architecture, this source code enables you to create an attractive and user-friendly online store.

* Main features:

  • The user-friendly installation interface allows users to quickly deploy their online store.
  • Supporting multiple languages and currencies facilitates the expansion of business on an international scale. 
  • The simple product management feature allows users to easily add, edit, and delete products.
  • Support for multiple payment gateways and shipping methods, including integration with popular shipping services, enhances the overall functionality. 
  • The order management feature helps track order statuses, receive notifications for new orders, and manage order histories.
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics and SEO features optimize the store's visibility on search engines. 
  • Providing tools related to customer service, including account management, product reviews, and online support, enhances the overall customer experience.
  • The responsive interface optimizes user experience across various devices, and the customizable interface feature allows personalization of the store according to preferences.
  •  Security features such as SSL, data encryption, and access management are implemented to ensure the safety of customer information and transactions.

* How to install:

  • Create a MySQL database;
  • Download the source code, extract the compressed archive then upload the files to the web server directory;
  • After everything is uploaded, go to YourStore.com/install, and you will see installation wizard.
  • Feel free to read the License Agreement before pressing Continue.
  • On the Pre-Installation page, make sure the Status is all green, then click Continue.
  • Fill in the database and administration details with the MySQL information that you created earlier.
  • Next, enter a username and password. They will be used to access back-end admin. Type in your email address, then click Continue.
  • The installation is complete. You should soon get a message to delete your installation directory, go to web server directory and delete the install folder.
  • You can now access your website.
+ Site : YourStore.com
+ Admin: YourStore.com/admin

Live demo:

Site: https://electronic.infinityfreeapp.com/

Admin: https://electronic.infinityfreeapp.com//admin/

Account login: Username: demo --- Password: 123456


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