Create a Social Network with PhpSocial

If you love Facebook and want to create a mini social network with a Facebook-style to share information with friends and family, then you should try using the phpSocial CMS.

PhpSocial is a social networking platform similar to Facebook that allows users to interact with each other through direct messaging, sending messages, commenting, liking, sharing images, and life events. This CMS is written in PHP + MYSQL. With outstanding features such as:

  • Update status, share information, images with friends and family.

  • Create Pages based on your favorite topics.

  • Create Groups based on your favorite topics.

  • Change personal information.

  • Manage user information through the admin dashboard page: user management, group management, page management...

In addition, you can connect with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many other interesting features for you to discover.

Although it does not have all the features of Facebook, if you need to create a small Facebook-style social network for personal branding, PhpSocial is a good choice.

Demo Download
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