Create website to sell online with X-Cart

X-Cart is the source code that allows you to build an online sales website that fully satisfies the basic features required of a sales website:

- Support multi-language, multi-currency, product introduction, quick product search, product display by category, order directly on website.

- Product management, order management, customer information management, sales report statistics, bonus points generation, gifts, affiliate sales.

- Integrated news blog function.

- Seo-friendly interface is compatible with all screen resolutions (responsive).

- Quick and easy installation, compatible with PHP 5.4 - 7.2, MySQL 5.1.3.

- Install add-ons (addons) directly in the admin page

- X-Cart is available in both free and paid versions.

* How ton install X-Cart:

- To download the installation of X-Cart you must register an account on, after logging in to your account, select File area and choose the version to download. .

- Extract and copy the source code to the xcart directory on the web server localhost (xcart directory: you can name it according to your preference).

- Access MySQL (http: // localhost / phpmyadmin) to create a new database.

- Open your web browser and type a URL: http: //localhost/xcart/install.php/ on the browser to start the installation.

- The installation is done through 07 steps

+ ST1: Go through some basic information (copyright), check "I accept the License Agreement and the Privacy policy" and click Next to go to the next step.

+ ST2: Create an account for the administrator (admin)

+ ST3: The system automatically checks the configuration of the web server, if it is compatible, it will automatically move to the next installation step.

+ ST4: Declare information connecting to MySQL: MySQL server name, database name, MySQL password, and some advanced settings

+ ST5 - ST6: The system automatically installs data to the MySQL database.

+ ST7: At the end of the installation process, remember to see the required information such as changing the name of the install.php installation file, enable the MySQL query cache function, the code when reinstalling Xcart.

- After a successful installation, you can visit url http:// localhost /xcart / to view the homepage and url http: //localhost/xcart/admin.php to login to the admin page.

- In the first use, you need to activate the license key, if you do not buy the license then selectable "Activate free X-Cart license & remove premium features." To use for free, the free version will remove some premium functions, but it is still very full of the basic features of the shop's card.

- In addition, you can install free addons directly on the admin panel.


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