Food Store Management PHP Script

Here is the code to manage an online food store with a simple design interface, but fully programmed with basic functions:

- Allows customers to order food online, customers can register a new account or log in through their social network accounts (Facebook, Google plus) when ordering.

- Admin can track orders, add - edit - delete sales items, report inventory, sales, manage customers, manage and delegate staff to each function.

- System settings according to your needs: language, currency, bonus points, social media links, customizing the menu displayed for the homepage.

- and also a few other functions you can explore for yourself.

* Truy demo online:

Account login on demo page:

Admin Login: / password

Kitchen Manager : / password

Delivery Manager : / password

Customer : / 123456

How to install (install on localhost).

* Requires web server: PHP Version 5.3 or higher, MySQL 5.1.41 or higher, PDO Installed CURL Open, Session enabled, CodeIgniter.

* How to install

- Download the source code, extract it and copy it to the web server directory (eg restaurant).

- Access phpmyadmin to create a new database (eg restaurant).

- Open your web browser and type a URL: http://localhost/restaurant/install, to start the installation process.

- Config connection parameters (Host Name, User Name, Password, Database Name), click Install to code automatically install data.

- After successful installation, delete the install directory to secure information.

- Default admin login account:



- See also installation instructions in the document directory.