Inventory and Sales Management System With CodeIgniter

This is a sales management application built on CodeIgniter Framework with full necessary management functions of a store, compact size, quick installation, fast processing speed, easy to develop additional functions, and pre-integrated sales shop. It runs well on popular browsers such as IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, compatible with PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x.

Main features:

  • Product management: add - edit - delete products, import products from csv file, export excel file, print barcode, print label.
  • Order management: add - edit - delete orders, import orders from csv file, export excel file, create discount codes.
  • Inventory management: add - edit - delete inventory orders, manage expenses, export excel file.
  • Transfer inventory management.
  • Manage returns and exchanges.
  • User management: customers, sales staff, suppliers.
  • Reports: inventory products, best-selling products, sales revenue, profit, cost.
  • Customization settings: language, currency, brand, product category, tax, rewards, inventory, email, user group, data backup.
  • Direct data import and export from excel files, filter and search data as needed.
  • Sales shop: introduce products, allow users to place orders, make payments.
  • and many other features...

The sales management software can be evaluated based on the user's needs to determine the necessary or unnecessary functions.

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*How to install script on localhost:

*  Web server requirements: PHP Version 5.6 or higher; MySQL 5.1.41 or higher, PDO Installed CURL Open , Session enabled, CodeIgniter.

* Instrall step by step

  • Download and install a local web server such as AMPPS/XAMPP/WAMP to run our PHP scripts.
  • Download the script, unzip it, and copy it to the web server directory;
  • Open a web browser and access PHPMyAdmin and create a database, then import file quanlykho.sqll database;
  • Open file database.php (in directory app/config)  and configuration database connection;

/** File database.php **/

$db[‘default’] = array(

configuration : Host Name, User Name, Password, Database Name


  • Site URL: http://localhost/projectname
  • Admin panel URl: http://localhost/projectname/admin
  • Default login account: admin/12345678

BlogITCode provides you with two versions, including the version with the shop feature and the version without the shop feature.

Note: The script is for reference only, if you use it, you must purchase the license.

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