WhatsApp URL Shortener PHP

 Here is the code to help you build a link shortened website, the application is developed based on Laravel Framework 5.7, Bootstrap 4, Stisla Admin Template.

Main Features:

- Create shortened link: html link or QR code form, quickly share via Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp

- Member management, member data export: XLSX, CSV, PDF, HTML

- Manage shortened links, export link data: XLSX, CSV, PDF, HTML

- Statistics and reports.

- Integrate login with Facebook, Google.

- ... and more.

How to Install

- Web server requirements:  PHP> = 7.1.3, openSSL, , php extension: mbstring, pdo, json, bcmat, xml, ctype

- Download source code, extract file and upload to hosting;

- Open web browser and type url http://yourdomain.tld/install to start the installation process.

- If successful, it will display the message "Application has been successfully installed."

* You can log in to the page /login of your domain, with account:

Email: admin@admin.com

Password: 123456

Password protect: 2483794719907068571

Demo Download