Academy - Online Course Management System

 This is application online course management. The application built with PHP & MYSQL programming language, Codeigniter framework, with main features:

- Introduce online courses, quickly search for courses, quickly filter courses according to many criteria such as: language, categories ...

- Registered users can buy courses or view free courses, evaluate lesson quality, comment on lessons, send messages to teachers ...

- Administrator or lecturers can sell courses, divide the course into many lessons, divide lessons by level.

- The lesson content can use many formats: video, link, text

- Administrator can activate courses for each student, list course statistics, registered members, profit.

- And many other features ...

How to install

- Web server requirements: PHP version in server >= 5.4., Apache server with PHP and MySQL, Codeigniter framework.

- Download source code, extract file and upload to hosting;

- Create new database in MYSQL and import moodle.sql file;

- Set hostname, username and password in application/config/database.php

- Finish

* Login to Admin Panel by account:
Pass: 123456


Demo By Now Download