Laravel Admin with REST API, User Roles & Permission

 Create admin panel in Laravel have never been so easy to build with Radmin - Laravel Admin starter. This source integrated themekit Bootstarp 4 admin panel with lots of plugins and very easy to customise.

Main features:

  • Integration with a REST API, allowing for easy communication with other applications and systems
  • Built-in support for user authentication, with features such as user registration, login, password reset, and email verification
  • Support for user roles and permissions, allowing you to restrict access to certain parts of the admin panel based on the user's role
  • Integration with popular third-party libraries, such as the JWT library for token-based authentication and the PHPMailer library for sending emails via SMTP
  • Serverside Datatable, Editable Datatable, XSS protection 
  • Easy customization of the interface through the use of custom CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files
  • and many more features....

Demo Download
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