News CMS With PHP And MySQL

This is the source code to quickly create a news website developed using the PHP programming language combined with the MYSQL platform. The source code has developed 02 modules:
  • Module for users: read news, comment, search posted posts.
  • Module for admins: manage news posts, manage pages, manage categories, manage comments and more..

How to install

  • Download source code, extract and copy to the web server directory (eg xampp/htdocs, wamp/www, lamp var/www/HTML, ampps/www);
  • Access phpMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin), create a new database and  import the file newsportal.sql ;
  • Open the config.php file (includes/config.php and admin/includes/config.php) to configure some information: hostname, username, password and database;
  • Site Url: http://localhost/project_name (Home);
  • Admin panel URL : http://localhost/project_name/admin (Admin Panel);
  • Default login account: admin/Test@12345

Demo Download
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