Online DJ Booking Management System With PHP & MySQL

Online DJ Booking Management System using PHP & MySQL with main featres:

  • Administration: In this section, admin can see summary of all details like total number of services, Total number of unread queries, Total number of queries read, Total number of new places, Total number Number of the place to have to be used to, Total number of the place has been abort and Total number of the event
  • DJ service management
  • Event management
  • Create a service introduction page
  • Manage customers who pre-order the service
  • Detailed report statistics
  • Quick search for information
  • Customer Information Management
  • Customers can register quickly

* How to install the source code

  • Download the source code, extract and copy to the web server directory (eg xampp/htdocs, wamp/www, lamp var/www/HTML, ampps/www);
  • Open phpMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin), create a new database and proceed to import the database file odmsdb.sql ;
  • Open the file dbconnection.php (includes/dbconnection.php) configuring information such as: server name, username, password and database;
  • Open the file dbconnection.php (admin/includes/dbconnection.php) to configure information such as: hostname, username, password and database;
  • After fully configuring the information, you can access to explore the functions of the information system
  • Default login account: administrator/Test@123

Demo Download
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