GrandCMS - Content Management Systems

 GrandCMS is a standalone software for website owners developed based on the Opencart source code. You can build your own site with it and easu develop. GrandCMS is like Joomla or Drupal and it is a great tool to develop any advanced system, because it have smart and new framework.

Features:  open source, unlimited categories, unlimited information pages, templatable, multi-language, information comments, download system, rights system, ocmod, automatic image resizing, related information, search engine optimization (seo), unlimited module instance system, unlimited galleries, backup & restore tools, reports, error logging, vqmod

* How to install CMS(run on localhost)

- Download source code, extract file and upload to root directory web server (for xampp/htdocs, for wamp/www, for lamp var/www/HTML, for ampps/www);

- Open phpMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin), created new database and import cms.sql file;

- Open 02 file config.php (in web root and in admin/config.php), now chane some information: HTTP, HTTS, DIR, DB;

- Open web browser and type url: http://localhost/project_name/ (home).

- Open web browser and type url: http://localhost/project_name/admin (admin panel).

Tuts: You can install some module in Extensions admin panel

Demo Download