Leantime - Open Source Project Management System

Leantime is an open-source software that helps manage project tasks quickly, from ideation to completion. It is developed using PHP, Javascript, and MySQL with outstanding features including:

  • Project management by category and project progress reporting;
  • Time tracking management;
  • Multi-level permission system, including management, clients, and employees;
  • Two-factor authentication for security;
  • Exporting report data;
  • Multi-language support.

* System requirements

  • PHP 8.0 and up
  • Apache with mod_rewrite, Nginx, IIS (possible with adjustments)
  • MySQL 5.7+
  • Required: MySQL, mbstring
  • Optional: Curl (for Integrations), gd, imagick, xml (for 2FA QR code generation), ldap
  • The Leantime folder should be writeable by the server user (usually apache or www-data)
  • Strict mode is currently not supported

* How to install script:

  • Download latest release package
  • Create an empty MySQL database
  • Upload entire directory to your server
  • Point your domain to the public/ directory
  • Rename config/configuration.sample.php to config/configuration.php
  • Fill in your database credentials (username, password, host, dbname) in config/configuration.php
  • Navigate to <yourdomain.com>/install
  • Follow instructions to install database and set up first user account

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