Automatically display related book on SLiMS

Related Book on the SLiMS  will default to taking data from the related book field you entered when cataloging the book . However, if you want to create an automatic feature, BlogITCode would like to share that this feature has been developed by BlogITCode. The automatic related book feature will be retrieved through book with the same classification number, and will prioritize displaying related book that you have entered, only displaying when the related book field in the catalog is left empty. To integrate this feature, you can follow these steps:

  • Backup the source code before performing;
  • Download the 02 files, detail_template.php;
  • Overwrite the file in the lib folder (www\slim\lib);
  • Overwrite the detail_template.php file in the interface folder you are using (\www\slims\template\default);
  • Clear the browser cache to see the results.

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