MediaCMS - Open Source Media Content Management System

 MediaCMS is an advanced open source media content management system (CMS)  that utilizes Python/Django and React technologies.  With MediaCMS, you have the option to classify and share media in various ways, and searching for media is made easy. Additionally, MediaCMS offers complete data control, multiple publishing workflows, advanced user management, extensive configuration options, and a responsive design. It  support both light and dark themes.


  • Complete control over your data: host it yourself!
  • Support for multiple publishing workflows: public, private, unlisted and custom
  • Modern technologies: Django/Python/Celery, React.
  • Multiple media types support: video, audio, image, pdf
  • Multiple media classification options: categories, tags and custom
  • Multiple media sharing options: social media share, videos embed code generation
  • Easy media searching: enriched with live search functionality
  • Playlists for audio and video content: create playlists, add and reorder content
  • Responsive design: including light and dark themes
  • Advanced users management: allow self registration, invite only, closed.
  • Configurable actions: allow download, add comments, add likes, dislikes, report media
  • Configuration options: change logos, fonts, styling, add more pages
  • Enhanced video player: customized video.js player with multiple resolution and playback speed options
  • Multiple transcoding profiles: sane defaults for multiple dimensions (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) and multiple profiles (h264, h265, vp9)
  • Adaptive video streaming: possible through HLS protocol
  • Subtitles/CC: support for multilingual subtitle files
  • Scalable transcoding: transcoding through priorities. Experimental support for remote workers
  • Chunked file uploads: for pausable/resumable upload of content
  • REST API: Documented through Swagger


  • MediaCMS is released under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 license. Copyright Markos Gogoulos and Yiannis Stergiou


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