How to try out free hosting with 000webhost

If you need a free hosting to practice and experience before deciding to pay for a hosting, you can try 000Webhost. Although it's free, 000Webhost provides you with quite a complete range of features of a commercial hosting, and you can check out the free features of 000Webhost: Supporting programming languages such as PHP, MYSQL, FTP upload, 1GB disk space, direct installation of WordPress source code, free domain hosting, and more.

Home cpanel

FUNCTIONS OF HOSTING (same as paid hosting, except for some limited features !!

>> The website build function will allow you to quickly create a website from a prebuilt website template, from wordpress or your website already built.

Build website

>> The set web adress function allows you to use your own domain name (you can use a domain you bought or buy another domain name)

Add domain website

>> File manager function is used to upload files (source code, file ...) and manage file upload.

File manage

>>  The Manage Databases function allows you to create a database (mysql), because it is free, the database capacity is only 1GB and not more than 150 tables.

Create database

 >> There are also a few other functions you can explore for yourself.

  • To use the free hosting, you just need to sign up for an account (very easy to do and the account activation is quick).


  • After successful registration, you can log in to the hosting admin page (Cpanel) at the following link:

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