Website Template Build With GrapesJS Framework

GrapesJS is a framework that allows you to build a website template using drag and drop visualization with built-in tools (Drag & Drop Built-in Blocks), you do not need to write HTML, Javascript code. GrapesJS is free and open source web template editor

 Tools and features :

- Export GrapesJS templates in a zip archive

- Add Filestack uploader in Asset Manager

- Replaces the built-in RTE with CKEditor

- Add the Aviary Image Editor

- Basic set of blocks

- Set of form components and blocks

- Simple navbar component

- Simple countdown component

- Add a gradient type input

- Add the flexbox block

- Slider component by using lory

- Simple tabs component

- Embed custom code

- Enable touch support

- Storage wrapper for IndexedDB

- Storage wrapper for Cloud Firestore

- Custom CSS parser for GrapesJS by using PostCSS

Home page GrapesJS


Code HTML, CSS auto

Fully responsive

* To use GrapesJS Framework, just go to download at: and follow the detailed document at:

* You can see demo at