GrapesJS Framework - Web Builder Framework

GrapesJS is an open-source, multi-purpose, web builder framework, that allows you to build a website interface by visually dragging and dropping pre-built tools (Drag&Drop Built-in Blocks), without the need to write HTML or Javascript code

Available end-user features

  • Export GrapesJS templates in a zip archive
  • Add Filestack uploader in Asset Manager
  • Replaces the built-in RTE with CKEditor
  • Add the Aviary Image Editor
  •  Basic set of blocks
  • Set of form components and blocks
  • Simple navbar component
  • Simple countdown component
  • Add a gradient type input
  • Add the flexbox block
  • Slider component by using lory
  • Simple tabs component
  • Embed custom code
  • Enable touch support
  • Storage wrapper for IndexedDB
  • Storage wrapper for Cloud Firestore
  • Custom CSS parser for GrapesJS by using PostCSS

Home page GrapesJS


Code HTML, CSS auto

Fully responsive

To use the GrapesJS Framework, you just need to download it from and follow the detailed instructions at

You can also check out the demo at

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