User Management System in CodeIgnite

 This project is developed in CodeIgniter and start bootstrap - SB Admin, with two modules has build: User module & Admin Module.You can using this source to begin build new project, it can help you save time.

Main features:

>> User Module

- User can register himself

- User can login

- View and update own profile

- Change Password

- Logout

>> Admin Module

- Admin Login

- Admin Dashboard

- Manage all users

- Delete particular user

- Change Password

- Logout

* How to run this project (try installation in localhost)

- Web server requirements: PHP version in server >= 5.4., Apache server with PHP and MySQL, Codeigniter framework.

- Download source code, extract file and upload to hosting;

- Create new database in MYSQL and import ciproject.sql file;

- Set hostname, username, password and database in application/config/database.php

- Run the script http://localhost/ciproject

Login to admin panel by account: :

username  : admin

Password : Test@12345

Demo Download