Subrion CMS - Open Source Content Management System

Like other source codes such as WordPress, Joomla, Nukeviet, Subrion is a PHP/MySQL based CMS & framework that allows you to build websites for any purpose.  

Tạo website tin tức nhanh chóng bằng Subrion CMS

* Features:

  • Open source code is completely free to use without any copyright issues;
  • Support for multiple languages;
  • Extremely fast page loading speed;
  • Full range of necessary administrative features for a website;
  • SEO-friendly and works well on all screen resolutions.
  • Powerful admin dashboard;
  • Plugins and templates are available straight from your admin dashboard with one click; installation process.

* Requirements

These are the minimum requirements needed before installation of Subrion CMS can be successful.

  • Apache 2.4.x or above (mod_rewrite), Microsoft IIS (ISAPIRewrite 3), nginx
  • MySQL 5.6.x or above
  • PHP 5.6.x or above (GD, XML, zlib, php-pecl-zip libraries)

* How to install script on localhost:

Download and install a local web server such as AMPPS/XAMPP/WAMP to run our PHP scripts;

Download and extract the script and copy it to the web server directory;

Access phpMyAdmin to create a new database;

Open a web browser type URLhttp://localhost/project_name/ and provide the necessary information as required to install the application.

* License

Subrion is an open source project licensed under GPLv3.

Download Subrion CMS:

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